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The Elite 850 Advantage

How it work

Step 1

On the initial phone call you will be providing us with your credit reports for an in depth analysis.

Step 2

Second, you will be uploading the required documents online to the client portal so that your file can be prepped for the initial round of investigation.

Step 3

Our team of experts will be prepping your file so that we can tackle the items on your reports. You will be provided a step by step guide to get your score back in great standing.

Step 4

Once credit report is updated on a 45 day basis, we will update the client portal. This will include any items that got removed off of the report. The items that weren’t removed will call for another round of dispute. Please upload any mail that you receive during this time.

Step 5

You’ll be called monthly as you wait for derogatory items and inaccurate items to be removed. You will also be provided with extensive education from start to finish to rebuild your life and reach your goals.

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